Robot Base Control Board


Motor controller board for Saphira

On Saturday May 11, we laid out all of the components for the control circuitry that will control the robotic base for Saphira. Everything is either screwed down or secured with Velcro. In the photo (click for a larger version) you can see:

  • The large 6 gauge wire coming from the battery (upper right)
  • A heavy duty 140 amp circuit breaker/kill switch near the hand
  • A power distribution block with individual fuses (upper left)feeding the two motor controllers (one on each side at the bottom) and a 12v to 9v power converter for the Arduino (large box in the middle).
  • A blue ethernet cable that connects the joystick controller to the Arduino.

This will mount on the welded base for Saphira and allow the driver to walk behind Saphira.

Software on the Arduino reads the joystick position and sends the appropriate PWM signals to the motor controllers. That code is available on Github if you’d like to take a look. The motor controllers are the Victor 888 model from VEX Robotics.

One week to go to Maker Faire!

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