More Saphira Progress

This past weekend we made a lot of progress. Saphira is now repainted blue, and new eye prototypes have been casted out of two-part resin.


These new eyes are very cool, and since these are just prototypes, we’re sure the final build will be even more impressive

And be sure to have adequate protection when painting!


We also got the base back from the welders:


There is some additional footprint on the front to balance Saphira when she rises quickly (she had a tendency to tip forward).

We made good progress on building the wood and steel platforms on which we’ll attach the rebuild hydraulics and all of the electronics for the robotic drive and the sound system.

We also learned how to use a couple of different power tools safely and skillfully, with Jeff’s help. A bandsaw:


And a jigsaw:


Malik helping.


Jasper working on code that will run on the Raspberry Pi…


…and then helping Jean while he tracks down some minor problems with the wiring harness that connects the Raspberry Pi to the solenoid driver circuitry.



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